Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

WYDEF Honours Amitolu Shittu With Ambassador Of Security Icon Award, Life Patron

Western Youths Development Forum (WYDEF), on Wednesday 20th January, 2021 conferred an Ambassador of Youths and A Security Icon Award and official decoration/ investiture as life- patron in honour of Comrade Chief Amb. Amitolu Shittu, the Field Commander, Amotekun Corps, State of Osun.

The award was conferred on him by the President and Regional Coordinator of the forum, Comrade Oyedele Sunday, the Coordinator applauded the field Commander of Osun Amotekun Corps Comrade Amitolu Shittu for his commitment and dedication towards the security of the country, he described him as a master strategic in security.

In his speech, the President and Regional Coordinator of the Organization, Comrade Oyedele Sunday, Said, I am delighted to address this important gathering on this epoch making event of the conferment of ambassador of youths and a security Icon award and official decoration and Investiture as LIFE – PATRON in honour of our amiable father, a security expert, lover of youths in the person of Comrade Chief Amb. Amitolu Shittu, the field Commander, Amotekun Corps Osun State, this is indeed the right person, in the right position and it is a well deserved honour.

Western Youth Development Forum is a forum of focused and professional Western regional youths both home and abroad. The forum which is a youth oriented movement cut across all the sixth Western States and geo-political region of Nigeria. Our aims and objectives is to contribute our own quotas to the development of our region, tackling the youth unemployment & migration crises, stabilized and secured our region security wise, building the youth of excellence and integrity in the society for services and focus our attention in supporting, empowering and developing our regional youth in any capacity we could. We are also getting involved in skills acquisition, training and re-training, source for soft loan from relevant authority to develop and empower our regional youths. It has being said, anĀ  Idle hand is the instrument of Devil and idle mind is the Headquarter of all Evils.” we will no longer allow this, we will resist this in totality, we will make sure our youths stop roaming the streets doing nothing, we will engage their minds with positive thinking and idea because they says idea rules the World.

He also said, the profile and achievements of Comrade Chief Amb Amitolu Shittu from activism, and security professionalism are comprehensive, intimidating, loaded and too numerous to mention here but are those that will continue to act as a source of inspiration to many people especially the young officer, Western youths and Nigeria youths at large who will continue to look up to you as a role model as well as assets of monumental value. Sir, this is a well deserved honour because you are a great man, eminent, lofty, towering, prominent, remarkable, a great politician, distinguished, important and noteworthy personality. Today, we are here to recognize excellent. We are here to give honour to whom honour is due and we are also here to appreciate in our own little way Comrade Chief Amb Amitolu Shittu, who has not only succeeded in his chosen career but have also done it in such a manner that inspired other. It has been said, “A GOLDEN FISH HAS NO HIDDEN PLACE” that is the person of Comrade Chief Amb Amitolu Shittu, the master strategist and security expert of this world. Indeed you are golden and a very big fish, and we are very happy to have you as our Forum Patron.

In his remarks, the field Commander of Osun Amotekun Corps Comrade Amitolu Shittu being represented at the event by Comrade Adejumo Michael and Comrade Mustapha Fatima Nana, Comrade Amitolu Shittu, appreciates the forum for bestowed on him with this great award, he promised not to relent towards defending the rights of the citizen of this great country and do his best to protect the live and property of the residents of the state as the field commander of Osun Amotekun Corps.

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