Thursday, 06 May, 2021

We need to be more productive by embracing entrepreneurship, Jare Ismahil reveals

Media Practitioner and Quality Education Advocate, Jare Ismahil Tiamiyu has called on the tertiary institution students and youths in general to ensure they contribute their quotas towards building a prosperous Nigeria for themselves and the future generations.

Tiamiyu stated this while in his lecture titled “The roles of youths towards building a prosperous Nigeria” delivered at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State.

The Advocate, who is the Executive Officer of Insight Multi-Links Media, opined that the first generation of Nigerians build a prosperous nation and tried their possible best to set the country on a right path.

According to him, the next generation of the country whom he said were the beneficiaries of the good deeds of the first generation collapsed the country through bad economic and education policies.

“As youths, the first thing we hold this country is Patriotism to our nation. This Patriotism has three branches of Advocacy, Demand for accountability and undiluted loyalty to right courses that will propel the country to limelight. We have a country that demands everyone’s contributions to make it great again.

“May I also inform you that everyone below the age of thirty-five has responsibility of build a better Nigeria for the generation coming behind us. The first set of Nigerian leaders; Nnamdi Azikwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna and others built a flourishing Nigeria for today’s set of leaders.

“That’s why those people could have free education, got gainful employment after school and had best life. But unfortunately, they collapsed the country for our own generation. They built and are building nothing for us. The policies, programmes and lifestyle of today’s leaders doesn’t show those who enjoyed free education. So the onus lies on us to redefine the country and bring it back on the path of prosperity.”

Tiamiyu also advocated for entrepreneurship as solution to the present predicament facing the youths of the country. He charged student to ensure that they acquire at least, a skill while on campus and also develop their talents and they remain the best means to bring the country on the right track.

“If we don’t want the next generation to abuse us as we do to the generation before us, it’s high time we are diverted our energy towards building a country we want. We need to be more productive by embracing entrepreneurship. It remains the only way out. Of course, there are challenges but I believe they are surmountable. Only that we need dedication and diligence,” he said.

The lecture was part of the activities marking this year’s “Eko Day” organised by the Ilobu National Students Union, Adeyemi College of Education Chapter.

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