Saturday, 06 March, 2021

Unfairness In The Society

Babawale J. Popoola writes about the reason why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

With the continued problems in getting a paid job, downsizing and bankruptcy in the economy, many Nigerians are looking for alternatives.

It’s not surprising that the trend in the economy now is to become self-employed. Unfortunately, most people taking this bold and positive step are failing. Why?

It’s pertinent to understand the reason why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. It’s not because of the disparity and it’s not just luck. There is really only one reason that rich people tends to increase their wealth and poor people gets much more wretched. That’s unfairness in society.

Unfairness in the society is when a poor woman with hungry children at home tells you banana is N100. She even takes her time to explain how difficult it was for her to buy it from the market. But we insist that if it’s not N50, we are not buying.

Unfairness in the society is when we buy reasonable amounts of airtime from banks instead of buying from hawkers (those who sell on the road or around your home areas so that they will earn a living).

Unfairness in the society is when we spend extravagantly in big eatery and restaurants but eat on credit in local joints and cafeterias.

The problem of wealth disparity is built into the system that mankind has evolved to distribute the wealth and no better solution than we as a people being fair to each other in the society.

I’m OneForAll, am Babawale J. Popoola and my articles are my messages.

Written by ✍BABBYJAY
OneForAll, Nigeria.


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