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Today, f PDP has Collapsed, Nwodo former chairman

Today, f PDP has Collapsed, Nwodo former chairman

*** Cancels Declaration of Parallel NWC On Monday

Members of the fresh Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) collapsed and dissolved into the Prince Uche Secondus led PDP, declaring that the party remains united.

The members of the group, led by Chief Olukayode Akindele, also declared the cancellation of plans to inaugurate their parallel National Working Committee (NWC) on Monday, January 22.

The declaration was made  after a truce was reached at the residence of former national chairman of PDP, Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo in Abuja.

Besides Nwodo, others members of the PDP present at attendance at the meeting were a member of the party’s Board of Trustees (BoT) Sen Stella Omu and the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Kola Ologbodinya.

Besides Akindele, other members of Fresh PDP include, Duru Ihuoma and Franklyne Edede.

The Fresh PDP had last year opened their parallel secretariat of PDP in protest to the outcome of the December 9 national convention of the party. They had early this year declared plans to inaugurate their parallel NWC members on Monday, January 22 in Abuja.

Speaking after a lengthy close door meeting at his residence, Nwodo, disclosed that the reconciliatory process enjoyed the backing the national leadership of the party as well as that of the BoT.

He further stated that no conditions were given in the lead up to dissolution of the fresh PDP, whom he described as comprised of enthusiastic youths needed by the party ahead of 2019.

On his part, PDP national spokesman, Ologbondiyan, said “we want to assure our party members all over Nigerian and in diaspora that what is perceived to be a crisis is over and our party, PDP has become one all over again.”

Nwodo who described the disbandment of fresh PDP as the best gift PDP can give to Nigerians, said “A lot of people thought our house was divided and was about to cascade down. But we want to assure you that by God’s mercy an internal reconciliation capacity of the PDP, the cracks that you noticed has been completely sealed off.

“Today the fresh PDP has collapsed and all its members have reiterated into the mainstream of the PDP and we have a United PDP, poised ready and promising Nigerians that we are going to take away this government that is insensitive to human life which is the primary responsibility of government, which is protection of live and property and if th government fails to protect live and property it has no business being in government.

“Today by what has happened here we are sending a powerful signal across the country that the PDp wants to assure all Nigerians that you know to expect of us we will not disappoint you. We will give you a strong and united party that will wipe away your tears, restore confidence in your country make you proud as a Nigerian where ever you are because we will bring back a government that cares and is interested in the welfare of its citizens, in protection of our general good and prosperity of our nation.

“So let there be an hallelujah song across the country, let our people rejoice and celebrate as we address you today on the unity that we have forge in the party.

“The members of the fresh PDP that is now disbanded are young vibrant politicians. If a leader is leading, and nobody is following, he is taking a walk. PDP is leading and mentoring the young ones to take over the wish of a father is that his offsprings will be bigger than him. If a father does not bring an offspring that will surpass him he is not a good father. It means it doesn’t want his future to be better than his past.”

On whether there were conditions before the truce was reached he said ” we have no conditions and that is why we are extremely happy. The young men and women in the fresh pdp has absolute confidence in the assurances that we have given them. The PDP NWC is aware of this reconciliation and supports it to the hilt. We are also in close touch with the chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT) and the committee that BoT has set up to make sure that the cracks arising from the convention are properly sealed and we are united. And they are aware of what we are doing right now. The leadership of the party including the BoT are aware of what we are doing.”

The former national party chairman, added that the defection of PDP members  has come to an end as a result of the reconciliation, stressing,  “We now have an authentic PDP. This is an envelope from the fresh PDP. That agenda is over.”

He underscored the need for mentorship, adding that when younger party members take over their achievements will supersede those of the party elders.

“We welcome their enthusiasm, energy and capacity to mobilize the youths of this country. To know that their future lies in the PDP.

He lampooned the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its administration for causing the loss of over 8m jobs, despite promising 3m jobs every year during their campaign in the build up to 2015 general elections.

The PDP chairman further stressed that a government cannot rule by propaganda but what it promises the people.

He added that while PDP has leant its lessons the party will come “back stronger, more prepared and more resolute to change the fortunes of this country.”

On his part, the chairman of of the Fresh PDP, Chief Olukayode Akindele, noted that while they have always maintained that there is only been one PDP, they were forced to take the actions they did because of acts of impunity in the party.

He said “But the issue of impunity and imposition has forced us into this situation because in PDP we don’t have any mechanism to address it. We have a mechanism for reconciliation. Reconciliation is when you have a dispute. But when a criminal political act then what you need is restitution. But we had received assurances from our leaders here that this will be addressed and today while it marks the end of Fresh PDP, it brings a PDP that is caring and wants to address issues that may affect it in the primaries. We have been having these meetings for a long time. And executive meeting was had at 5am today (yesterday) in the interest of the nation and the party so that we won’t have a parallel NWC come Monday. This has been cancelled we have surrendered the list to our leader here and we want to assure gentlemen if the press that this is the best thing that can happen to PDP.

On whether they feared a renege on the part of PDP leadership, he said “We are dealing with men of integrity and honour. You can have disputes with your father and brothers but at the end of the day the integrity of the family is what counts PDP has integrity.”

On the list they submitted to the secondus led NWC, eye said “This is the list the authentic committee list but we have accepted to collapse it into the existing NWC.”


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