Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Seun Kuti To Yemi Osinbajo: ‘Poverty You All Created’ Causing Nigeria’s Problem

Popular Afrobeat singer and son of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Seun Kuti has called out Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo over his statement regarding conflicts currently afflicting Nigeria.

Osinbajo had tweeted: “The great conflict of our time is not between Islam and Christianity. It is between extremism and human solidarity, between forces of hate and intolerance and those of empathy. I challenge you to live up to the tenets of your faith and live up to the best values of humankind.”

“I shared this and more today at the National Muslim and Christian Youth Summit. As young men and women, leadership extends to being champions of peace, unity, tolerance, and understanding. We must build bridges, fight discrimination and encourage love and unity.”

However, Seun Kuti fired back at the vice president, tweeting: “Oga, poverty (Okonjonomics) ‘poverty of d stomach + poverty of d mind’, wey una dey create na im dey cause all dis wahala, and until una sabi wetin una dey do for government, na so our life go dey roll like one yeye ball wey one yeye wind dey blow for one yeye corner.”

Other Twitter users also chided VP Osinbajo over the insecurity and incessant killings in the country.

One user said: “Better build a bridge that can close the gap between the poor and the wealthy. We need a government that listens to the cry of the poor masses. How will there be peace in a country where people die everyday without our government asking questions or taking any action.”

Another user tweeted: “This year, my friend was denied federal work because he was a Christian and bears a southern name, he came back vowing to change his name to a northern name. When we stop lying to ourselves as stated above we will make proper laws that will guide against such. Not speeches.”

One said: “Continue deceiving yourself. How many Imams have been killed by Christians anywhere in the world? Almost every week a priest/pastor is killed somewhere in Nigeria, yet you’re here playing political correctness, trying hard to please your Fulani masters. Stop this insult. Shame!”

Another tweeted: “Oga, not with Christians like you unable to defend Christianity. Every day we hear of the killing of priests and yet your focus is on bogus Tradermoni. Never forget after power there is judgment. The great conflict of our time is the poverty your government plunged Nigeria into.”

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