Thursday, 13 May, 2021

Passengers Groan As Abuja Train Delays For 2 Hours

A Kaduna-bound passenger train was delayed for two hours in Abuja on Friday.

Travellers said the delay resulted in their late arrival to their destinations.

Passengers are expected to be seated on the train before 6 pm as the
train usually starts the journey to Kaduna via the Kubwa sub-station
at the scheduled time.

The travellers who had already bought their tickets and had boarded
the train, however, noticed that the train remained at one place even
well after the scheduled time for take-off, Daily Trust reports.

They complained that they were kept waiting without any official
explanation and many of them even got down to stretch when they
couldn’t bear sitting down and waiting indefinitely.

Another passenger said the train was so late that they met the Abuja-
bound- train from Kaduna at the Kubwa substation when under normal
circumstances the train is supposed to wait for them at any of the
sub-stations midway between Abuja and Kaduna.

He said they got to Kaduna some few minutes to 10 pm instead of 8:30
pm as the train did not make any other stopover on the way.

He said most of them found it difficult making arrangements for
transportation to their various destinations due to the late time of

Operations manager of the Abuja-Kaduna train service, Mr. Victor
Adamu, when contacted said the delay was less than two hours and it
was based on a technical glitch.

“We had a technical issue with the train which had to be attended to
and the announcement was made across to all passengers accordingly.
The delay was not up to 2 hours as reported” he told Daily Trust.

He also denied the train was delayed because it was waiting for the
minister of sports.

“There was no minister of sports on that train. Not to my knowledge,” he added.

The Manager, Abuja-Kaduna, Train Service, Pascal Nnorli, explained
that the delay was due to technical issues.

“When I got that same report from concerned Nigerians, I inquired and
was told that the Rigasa resident train which was to work as AK7 train
of yesterday had a fault and needed to be attended to at Idu, where
there are a workshop and experienced technicians,” he stated.

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