Friday, 14 May, 2021

Osun #ENDSARS Movement Charges Members To Remain Focused, Shuns State Government Sponsored Propagandists

The Osun #ENDSARS Movement has accused the state government of sponsoring propagandists to frustrate the efforts of peaceful protesters and deliberately causing confusion.

The movement in a statement by its spokesperson, Olawale Bakare (Mandate), and Mobilisation Secretary, Olushayo Ogunleye, denied suspending the ongoing peaceful protest against bad governqnce and police brutality in the state.

The statement reads, “We hereby wish to tell the public to disregard all claims and assertions from people who are wining and dinning with the state and planning how to sabotage the efforts and collective interest of the people while many of us were on the barricade. These people parading themselves to be the “major leader” and conveners of the #EndSARS Movement starting from Ismail Abdul Azeez, to Queen Fisayo, to Babawale Popoola and one Idowu Oluwasegun are obviously under the dangerous illusion that working with the state government against the people, and by releasing sponsored and misleading press statement would stop the moving revolutionary train or amount to them being recognised as leaders of a struggle generally referred to as ‘no-leader-movement’, when they have little or no physical or ideological contribution to this struggle since it started.

“These are people who were nowhere to be found when hoodlums were attacking and chasing us with dangerous weapons, but they think it’s enough to write from the comfort of their bedroom, claiming to be the leadership of a movement they know nothing about. The pettiness of Mr Ismail Abiodun is disgustingly beyond expression, this is the same man who was exposed for his shady and unhealthy relationship with the state government and was booed out  of the barricade for sabotaging protesters’ interest and putting our collective safety to jeopardy by romancing with the state government even after they sent thugs to us.

“Queen Aderemi Fisayo who joined us on the barricade as a journalist from ‘Nigerian Update’ few days after the #EndSARS protest started now also suddenly become the “co-convener” of the #EndSARS Movement. These power hungry attention seekers would stop at nothing in betraying their own generation for few coin.

“Babawale who also called himself a journalist and was always concerned about taking pictures and videos of the events on the barricade for his online platform to generate traffic for himself now also claiming to be the convener of the ENDSARS Movement. This man in particular requested for permission to take pictures and not get challenged by the protesters for doing so on his first day on the barricade -a request we granted without second thought as nothing we do on the barricade is secretive or unlawful.

“After several failed attempts by the state government to buy us, the state government became desperate to speak with someone and it became so easy for these betrayers to get recruited to their dirty biddings,  after of course, their usual brown-envelope-rituals must have taken place. These are men who out of their greed, love for money and cheap publicity, allowed themselves to be used by a failed government against the people.

“We hereby wish to categorically state that there was never a time our peaceful protest was suspended, we only rejected and condemned in affirmative terms the looting and burgling of properties in the said viral video. We emphatically dissociate ourselves from any misleading, state sponsored and politically motivated press statement issued by “contract-activists” claiming to support an anti-people’s Judicial Panel of Inquiry that comprises of government loyalists, and also claim to have suspended the protest when the peoples’ demands are clearly not met.

“We would like to enjoin the members of the public to remain firm and resolute in our fight against injustice, corruption, bad governance to mention but few; and not entertain any form of distraction or division which clearly appears to be the intention of these state sponsored propagandists. Our train is gaining momentum and this is a fight for the people to win, and we will not stop until freedom is attained.”

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