Thursday, 13 May, 2021


*OneForAll _Amebo_* 🗣

👩🏽‍💼: _Hello! I’m OneForAll._
_Today, from OneForAll, we are very much pleased to bring to your notice our *newly reviewed qualifications for Nigerian presidency aspirants*. We hope this brings the change we crave for, and that you share for the world to see. Thank you. Please, enjoy reading._


_For every presidential aspirant, here is our requirement checklist if you actually want us to cast our votes for you in the coming election._

_It’s pertinent to state state clearly that we do not care about what political party you belong to anymore – whether old party or new party, popular or unpopular; we don’t care about what religion anymore; we don’t care about what tribe or region anymore but you;_

*1. Must attend not less than 3 presidential debates: how do we know you’re mentally stable and not a moron if you cannot give reasonable responses to simple debate questioning?*

*2. Must undergo medical qualification tests. The result must be verified by a notable medical panel and must be made available to the general public. People do medical tests even for secondary school admission, so why not on presidential aspirants?*

*3. Must have a road map or governing plan (just like a business plan or a master plan) and make it available to the general public through all the social media channels. Banks cannot commit their cash to people without a good business plan with clearly written goals and objectives, figures, strategies and a guarantor, so how much more should we commit the life, future and properties of more than 170 million Nigerians  to you without a plan? In the plan must also be indicated your personal track records of successes.*

*4. Must have more than secondary school education. (There’s nothing new about this)*

*5. Must have at least one of your children educated in a public university in Nigeria (not private): by this we will surely know that you believe in the future of Nigeria  and that you will work towards her betterment. This is a price not too much to pay if you really love us. We are tired of insensitivity of government towards the development of standards of educational setup in Nigeria, the strikes and industrial actions.*

*6. Must be a patronage of Made-In-Nigeria products and services and you must believe in capacity building of Nigerian indigenous businesses to provide exportable products and services to neighbouring countries, Africa and the world at large.*

*7. Must be wide reader and self development enthusiast: If you don’t constantly feed your mind with transformative, educative and informative ideas through books, you don’t have a business doing with presidency in Nigeria! We are tired of archaic approaches to human governing. We need modern, liberated and future oriented leaders to lead us in Nigeria, not power mongers, who just want to be in government for power, fame and monetary gain.*

*8. Must have no public record of hate speech, tribalism, nepotism, crime against humanity, pending corruption charges or history, and or affiliation with any militant group or religion fundamentalist group or terrorist group: We will never ever think again that people will change. Ascension to power only gives people the chance to express their true self.*

*9. Must have done something contributory to the development of your immediate environment: this is simple, isn’t it?*

*10. Must be well educated about the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are tired of reminding the government what to do and what’s not to do. We are tired of reminding the government about what’s in the constitution they swear to uphold.*

_May God help you._


Arise O compatriots! Let’s share this message.

Plagiarism is a sin. Please, desist.


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