Thursday, 13 May, 2021

Mozambique: EISA Election Observer Mission Arrives

Maputo — The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) has announced the arrival of its election observation mission in Mozambique to observe the presidential, parliamentary and provincial elections, scheduled for 15 October.

An EISA press release states that the mission is in Mozambique, at the invitation of the Mozambican Foreign Ministry “to conduct an independent assessment of the electoral process”.

The mission is led by the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, who will be assisted by the EISA Executive Director, Denis Kadima.

The mission consists of 20 long-term observers and 22 short-term observers, drawn from African Civil Society Organisations and Election Management Bodies. The long term observers arrived in Mozambique on 30 August, a day before the start of the official election campaign. They will be joined by the short term observers on 9 October.

The EISA observers will be deployed to all 11 provincial constituencies, where they intend to observe the election campaign, pre-polling activities, election day and post-polling activities. After election day, the release says, the mission will issue a statement on its preliminary findings and recommendations on the electoral process up until the close of polling.

The mission, it adds, “will assess the extent to which the legal framework and procedures in the 2019 electoral process comply with Mozambique’s commitments and obligations”, under various international instruments, including the African Union Declaration on the Principles Governing Democratic Elections; the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance; the Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation (PEMMO) and the Revised Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections of SADC (Southern African Development Community).

The short term observers will leave Mozambique on 18 October, three days after the election, but the long term observers will stay in the country until 30 October.

EISA has observed all Mozambican general elections since 1999. EISA believes that the October elections “are a crucial milestone for reconciliation and the consolidation of a peaceful environment where democracy can thrive. A peaceful and successful election will therefore further cement the democratic gains made by the country over the past generation”.

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