Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Eid-eil-Fitri: Osun Commissioner For Home Affairs, Tajudeen Lawal, Rejoices With Muslims.

The State of Osun Commissioner For Home Affairs, Hon Tajudeen Eniafe Lawal, has rejoices with the Muslims faithful in Ile-Ife, State of Osun, Nigeria and the entire world on the occasion of 1443AD Eid Eil Fitri celebration.

According to him, “I revel with the entire Muslim faithfuls upon the completion of Ramadan 1443AD and congratulate them for encountering EID-FITRI 1443AD respectively”.

The scared month of Ramadan is an epoch of blessings for Muslims to seek forgiveness and direct their supplications to Allah with assurance of urgent answer. On the heels of this, we appraise pious Muslims for their dedications, steadfastness, commitments and total submissions to Allah’s directives in the last a month.

The occasion of EID-FITRI is a felicitous moment for Muslims to complement their    devotions by appreciating Allah for His grace and opportunity given to perform   the recently concluded Ramadan exercise. We internalize all Muslims ummah to partake in EID-FITRI prayer for the subsequent reward is excellent.

Muslims are hereby enjoin to implement all the lessons of Ramadan and share peace and love among families, friends and neighbors. Let’s accentuate collective dutiful piousness in all our engagements in fulfilments of Ramadan lessons.

We beseech Allah to forgive our deficiencies, accept our worships, answer our prayers, sustain us in Islam and grant us paradise on the last day.

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