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*By Rasak Ayanlakin Democrat*

January 23, 2018

Where are we headed, the sacred land of peaceful co-existence as one world or violent co-annihilation, as a dichotomous world?

Whenever I navigate through the internet and read the manners Trump and his fellow westerners deliberately throw us (Africans) insults and vilifications, I am always provoked.

Professor Lumumba, many years ago went public and painfully lamented the abysmal status of Africa as a continent and reasonably argued “Africa needs some hygienes”.

Our leaders in Africa collaborated with the west to expose our dear continent to acute subjugation and backwardness.

They selfishly allowed whitemen exploit our resources, enslave our dear people at the expense of industrious, civilised and modern Africa where an average African will find solace in living in his mother land rather than go queuing at United States embassy begging for Almighty green cards.

Who will say people are migrating out of the country for migration sake? Living in the continent, Africa has become a dangerous risk, rendering our poor emigrants blameless of the said migration.

Many travel within the continent for sustainability purposes, and consequently meet their waterloo in their sister nations, in form of slavery, servitude, genocides and extra judicial killings, not to talk of traveling farther overseas.

His (Trump) attempt to denigrate our continent by qualifying us with ” shithole ” has received widespread condemnation.

As I am writing my condemnation, so do many others commentators who feel it’s outrageously racist to have uttered such statement.

We vigorously condemn as if this is the first vilification we have ever received as black nations. Don’t forget there was a time we were referred to as apes, monkeys and nothing but sexual animals.

The moment and energies invested in condemning the lunacy of the west can best be directed towards our leaders in Africa holding them responsible, responsive, transparent and accountable for their deeds and misdeeds.

With that, we can charge them to responsibility, compel obedience on them (if at all they will comply).

I leave you with the humble perception of Professor Lumumba, “Africa needs some hygienes”.

It’s when the sociopolitical atmosphere of Africa is hygienic that we can be boastful of Africa where we all can gain the desired contentment without bothering our minds with visa lotteries and Almighty green cards.

Publicised: Adedapo Yusuf Fossu


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