Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

Doctors remove 526 hidden teeth from seven-year-old’s jaw

526 teeth have been removed from the jaw of a seven-year-old boy, Ravindranath in Chennai, eastern India after he complained of pain and swelling in his jaw.

Ravindranath had often complained of toothache from when he was three-years-old, however, his parents, mother, Rajakumari, 33, and father Parbhu, 40 only took him for treatment earlier this month, reports Times of India.

Doctors at the Saveetha Dental College discovered the boy had 526 teeth embedded in his tiny jawbone.

Doctors said it took mere moments to get permission to perform surgery from his parents but their son Ravindranath required several hours of cajoling before giving in.

Five hours of exploratory surgery later, oral surgeons extracted a bloody, calcified mass from his right jaw.

On Wednesday, a still-recovering Ravindran climbed into his father’s arms, smiled shyly and said “No pain,” touching his slightly swollen jaw

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