Monday, 18 January, 2021

COVID-19 Cases Increasing At One Million Per week Since April

COVID-19 infections across the globe have been increasing at a rate of one million per week since the beginning of April.

This is according to a Coronavirus tally by Reuters, which observed that the increase was in sync with decisions by economies across the world to start opening up their previously locked down economies.

The news agency said after the report of the first 49 cases in Wuhan, China, on January 10, 2020, it took the world until April 1 for one million persons to be infected.

Now, over five million persons have been infected with the virus at some point. 

The number of deaths are still below 10 per cent, with over 326,000 fatalities so far.

Despite dire predictions about Africa being overwhelmed, South America, led by Brazil, has become the epicentre of the virus.

According to the report, the country, whose President failed to take the virus serious, has passed Germany, France and United Kingdom to become the third most infected country after Russia and the United States.

The total number of cases in Africa is nowhere near the top five cases in the world – the entire continent has recorded 95,482 cases and 3,000 deaths.

The USA leads the way with 1.58m infected persons, Russia has 318,000, Brazil has now reported 293,000, the UK has 251,000, while 233,000 persons have tested positive in Spain.

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