Thursday, 13 May, 2021

Corrupt Politicians Behind Sowore, Jalingo’s Detention, Says Media Group

Media rights group, Journalists for Democratic Rights, has alleged that the continued detention of Omoyele Sowore and Agba Jalingo is the work of corrupt politicians in Nigeria.

JODER claimed that the network of politicians had been looking for an opportunity to settle primordial scores with Sowore, adding that his arrest and detention is a smokescreen aimed at halting the publication of Sahara Reporters and keeping her progressive credentials in check.

Speaking on the matter, Adewale Adeoye of JODER said, “There is no doubt about the fact that the ordeal of Mr Sowore is fuelled by his anti-corruption campaigns through Sahara Reporters, a media forum that has exposed corrupt Nigerian officials in the most courageous and daring manner.

“Sowore is a victim of outright persecution for the role Sahara Reporters continue to play in hunting Nigeria’s stunningly corrupt officials.

“Sowore’s medium has been dedicated to exposing the can of worms in Nigeria. The medium has earned local and international reputation as a gadfly in the anti-corruption crusade.

“A decent government committed to the anti-corruption campaign would see Sahara Reporters as an ally.

“If there is anything like corruption fighting back, the detention of Sowore is a striking example.

“The arrest of Jalingo appears to be on the orders of the Cross Rivers state political leaders who have been put on their toes by the continuous questioning of the administration’s expenditure in the context of accountability and good governance.”

JODER however, called for the unconditional release of Sowore and Jalingo, asserting that their arrest only questions Nigeria’s claim to free speech, which is one of the most important elements of democracy.

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