Thursday, 13 May, 2021

Biafra Zionists To IPOB: Fulani Holding Us Down Not Ekweremadu, Stop Disgracing Igbo


The Biafra Zionists Federation says the Indigenous People of Biafra’s
plan to attack South-East politicians in foreign lands will portray
Igbo as violent people.

Nnamdi Kanu had directed IPOB members to attack Igbo leaders anywhere
outside the country.

He even urged the proscribed group to attack President Muhammadu
Buhari in Japan.

The leader of BZF, Benjamin Onwuka, in a statement on Sunday, however,
said: “It is a wrong strategy for anyone to go to Japan under the
pretext of arresting Buhari. I feel ashamed when I read what is
happening in Japan.

“People should be very careful, that is why the Zionists are talking
about diplomacy. People should stop doing things that will make the
international community see us as violent people. It is very

“These people should focus on what is achievable; going to Germany to
attack Ike Ekweremadu is just mocking yourself. The Fulani are the
ones holding us down not Ekweremadu.”

Onwuka stated further, “That thing they are doing is very shameful.
Look at the one they did in Japan; you are going to arrest a sitting
president, how is that possible? I was educating them on the net, IPOB
members said they were going to kill me.

“But the whole thing is funny. Buhari has diplomatic protection, so
you can’t touch him, you can’t even go near, even a minister can’t
touch him because he has a diplomatic passport. Going to Japan to make
noise cannot help us.

“So, this is not the way to go, it is damaging us; it is all political
propaganda which they are using to brainwash and collect money from
people. All these violent protests will make the world to begin to see
us as dangerous people. He is destroying our campaign; they should
come and join the Zionists.

“There has been a sustained agenda to stifle businesses of Biafra
people. Mr. Ibeto suffered the same fate simply because of Nkalagu
cement, leading to his incarceration for several months. We fought and
he was released.

“Now to show that those behind this are not ready to give up, they
have now faced Innoson and are now doing everything to kill his

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