Tuesday, 11 May, 2021

Article Of The Day: MYSELF

My name is INDISPUTABLE SUCCESS                     
I was born in the year of PROGRESS                     
I was trained in the city of POSITIVE REFLECTION         
Am as old as BRIGHT FUTURE  
I reside in the state of WISDOM                      
The name of my mother is DISCRECTION                 
The name of my father is KNOWLEDGE                   
The name of my school is ACHIEVEMENT                 
It is situated along the path of GOAL SETTING        
The name of my principal is HAND WORK                   
He is the elder brother to GOOD PLANNING               
The name of my monitress is UNDERSTANDING               
The name of my bosom friend is DETERMINATION            
She is the younger sister of diligence and the elder sister is DISCIPLINE        
she lives very close to CONFIDENCE                  
The name of my foe is FAILURE                     
He is the father of PROBATION                   
And the grandfather of withdrawal from SCHOOL         
HE is a friend of repeating a CLASS                     
He has a house situated along the path of UNSERIOUSNESS               
His ancestor is bleak and unfulfilled FUTURE         
My destination is making 5.0 in all subject               
The younger brother of First class and greatest Surgeon….
Am Dr(miss)IBRAHEEM HABEEBAH Adedoyinsola………
My articles are my messages

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