Thursday, 13 May, 2021


No doubt, the coming of the western people (to Africa) changed a whole lot of things. Some of the changes positive, while relatively, some are negative. Nevertheless, everyday people (including parents) strive to follow the trends and the ways of the westerners.

But in the midst of all these, there are some things that MIGHT never change. The way African mamas discipline their children and the rules they hold when it comes to marriage, amongst others.

Comparing western life with African life…
A young white girl could walk up to an older family friend and call him/her by their name all through the discussion but
try it in Africa esp Nigeria. You go hear am na.

The western leaders, they don’t care, call them their names. Even a president, you hear in the news, ‘The president of this country, Barrack Obama has….’ but here, ‘The honourable president of this country, his excellency, president Barrack Obama, Jp, Bsc, phD,..

That is to show the uniqueness of Africa. If we can stand firm with our former beliefs, with the egs I gave, no matter what the westerners say about us, we can never give in to Gay marriage. We must always protect our pride as Africans. We must always represent our God wherever we go. Remember when Jesus came, he landed in AFRICA. He’s an African, yes.

SAY NO TO GAY MARRIAGE To protect our future and unborn leaders.
Because no matter what they do, or call us (black apes, fantastically corrupt) we’ll always move forward….
Proudly African!


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