Saturday, 17 April, 2021

A week old Twins, mother detained, sleep on floor over N85,000 bill

A one week old twins and their mother, Titilayo Alayode, are sleeping on the floor as they are allegedly being detained at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Lantoro, Abeokuta, Ogun State over a bill of N85,000.
Gbenga Alayode, the father of the babies, a 27-year-old fashion designer, said the twins were delivered through Caesarean Section after the mother was rushed to the hospital.
Alayode said: “When we got to the hospital, the medical bill was N500,000.
“I had N200,000 in my bank account and ran to family and friends to help me raise the rest money but all the money I got was N425,000, but the hospital management decided to move my wife and the twins from the bed to the floor.
“They refused the babies and the mother to leave the hospital until we pay up.
“I do not have a dime to feed the twins and even to get drugs for the mother who could barely talk.
“I cannot afford to buy the babies milk, clothes and other needs.
“The children have just five clothes to wear and the two cans of milk I bought are almost finished.
“I need financial assistance from government and Nigerians to help me settle the remaining bill and other expenses.”
According to a mandate reporter and Child Advocate, Adeleke Success, another newly delivered mother is being held in the same hospital over a bill of N80,000.
Success said: “As if that was not enough, the same hospital also vacated to the floor another woman who had a still birth through Caesarean Section, claiming she was yet to balance them N80,000.
“Please, intervention will be appreciated as these people are in the hospital detention like criminals in police cell.
“You can call 08146717951 to reach Mr. Gbenga, the twins’ father.”

One comment on “A week old Twins, mother detained, sleep on floor over N85,000 bill

This doctor must be jail he is heartless how on earth will you do such thing Nigeria government must stand up to This case for God sake he even tried and pay 425,000 haba mr doc you are heartless


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