Sunday, 20 June, 2021

8 Categories Of Jobs That Can Frustrate The Life Of Nigerian Graduates

The dream of every graduate is to secure a good job and live a financial stable life, but unemployment and circumstances have made many graduates to settle for low profile jobs

These low profile jobs makes life unbearable for graduates which comes with poor salary package, terrible working condition and other derogatory factors.

So quickly let’s discuss on the categories of jobs that can frustrate the life of Nigeria Graduates;


The problem with this company is not the product quality but the marketing strategies they adopt in selling their products. It’s an insult to tell a graduate to merchandise drug products under intense sun where customers can actually walk in to a friendly atmosphere pharmacy store. Graduates working with them never cease to complain about their ridiculous staff welfare and poor career growth.

2. Insurance Marketing

Frankly speaking and general summarising, many Nigerians don’t believe in insurance policy and that is the first frustration insurance marketers experience from customers. Immediately you introduce this idea to them, they will frustrate your life with curse meanwhile an insurance marketer salary is on commission basis.

3. Bank Marketing

I pity employees working in a bank especially contract staffs who work as marketers. Banks give ridiculous targets to them such as opening several accounts in a month with huge deposit knowing fully well that there is economic recession. Such employees come home at night looking tired, frustrated and wearisome and most time, broke.

4. Real Estate Marketing

The real estate sector is not booming like before and as a result of this, they advertise marketing vacancies every now and then to recruit for graduates. Apart from the fact that a graduate earn peanut in a month, it’s so difficult to get buyers to purchase a house when people can hardly afford 2 square meal in a day.

5. Teaching

It’s a big show of shame on our government to pay people who actually mould the career future of tomorrow’s leaders’ meagre salary. How can N18,000 cater for a grown up man with responsibilities? This is one the reasons why the standard of our educational sector keeps dwindling.

6. Telecom customer care

The insult a customer care rep receives from Nigerians daily, is enough to make him/her become a psychiatric patient. When credit is deducted from a customer’s account, he/she calls the customer care line to abuse, ridicule and hurl insults at the agent that picks the call.


When people sight a NEPA/PHCN worker, the next thing that comes to their mind is to beat the hell out of that person. Employees working with electricity regulatory bodies always complain about management of irate customers and distribution of bills.

8. Asian coys

Hardly will you see an employee who gives a positive remark about working with an Asian company like the Indians and others. Most employees working with them complain bitterly about the long working hours, small salary and constant threats to sack them.

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